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NHS Treatment

NHS treatment is available to eligible patients aged under 18 years. All patients aged 18 or under are eligible for an NHS assessment. However, under the terms of the current dental contract, health service funding for treatment is directed at those patients for whom treatment will improve their dental health and not just the appearance of their teeth.

Qualification for NHS treatment is determined by a system of measurement called the Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need, (IOTN). This index gives higher weighting to cases which need treatment for an improvement in their dental health.

Dental problems which will be provided for on health grounds include:

  • Increased prominence of teeth in excess of 6mm
  • Significant crowding of teeth
  • Abnormal bites causing trauma
  • Abnormal bites causing functional problems
  • Missing or impacted teeth

Patients with a possible need for treatment are also assessed on aesthetic grounds; those with a low aesthetic score do not qualify for orthodontic treatment under the NHS.

Milder cases are not eligible for NHS funding. In these cases, if treatment is desired, it can be provided privately.

Under the current dental contract, NHS funding limits practices to a specified number of treatment units each year. This means that patients who qualify for NHS treatment may nevertheless be subject to a lengthy wait for their treatment to commence.

NHS treatment at Woodlands Orthodontics is carried out to a high standard under the supervision of a specialist orthodontist. NHS clinic times at Woodlands are 09:30 ā€“ 13:00 and 14:00 ā€“ 15:30 Monday to Friday.

All patients are eligible for private orthodontic treatment whether they qualify for NHS funding or not. Private treatment is not subject to a waiting list, and private patients have access to a range of treatment methods and appointment times which are not available under the NHS.

For those patients who do not qualify for NHS treatment, we are happy to discuss private options and finance schemes.

Publication Scheme

NHS treatment at this practice is provided under contract with NHS England National Commissioning board ā€“ London Area Team, Southside, 105 Victoria Street, London SW1E 6QT

Patient Feedback

Just a note of thanks for the kind and professional service you have provided my son over the last two years.  His smile is indeed beautiful, and Iā€™m sure he will appreciate it more as he matures into adulthood.  Once again, a huge thank you!


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